Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy 1 month mila

Mila you are one month old today, February did that happen so fast?  It feels like just yesterday that we welcomed you into our arms, but at the same time, I feel like we've known you forever.

As for your health, you are getting stronger and stronger every day.  You like to lift your head up when I burp you and you are kicking your legs a ton!  You love to spend time on your back, gazing around and taking everything in.  You have also found your lungs and don't hesitate to use them when you're hungry!  Mama definitely knows when you're definitely don't mess around!
You got to meet Susie and Faith for this first time this past week and she just fell in love with you.  

You still LOVE laying in your spend time looking around and being super alert, but eventually give up and go to sleep.  We love the little furrowed look you give us...especially when your forehead wrinkles.  You are starting to smile more and more, which just warms our heart.  Can't wait for the first real smile and to hear you laugh for the first time!
You're becoming much more alert during the day...looking around and holding our gaze for long periods of time.  You have such an inquisitive look on your face...I have a feeling that once you start talking, you'll have a lot of questions!

Happy 1 Month Mila...we love you!

Love, Mom

happy 1 month Mila

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