Wednesday, August 14, 2013

happy 7 months mila

happy 7 months mila
My sweet little angel turned 7 months today. Hard to believe that this much time has already passed until the first day she showed her face to the world. Wow!! how time flies! That's the most common sentence I hear from EVERYONE "enjoy it because they grow up so fast". How true, I cannot believe she is already 7 months. So many milestones concurred, so many ahead of us about to happen.... loving each and every day with my baby girl, Mila Miranda.

Here are some of your highlights; same as last months
Smiles all the time
Looks so good in everything you wear (thanks to grandma in ATL, she totally spoils you)
Loves to chew on everything
Sleeps all night
Wakes up happy

Some HUGE milestone is you are completely rolling over, all over the place.  I place you down and you are GONE rolling everywhere
Sitting up, still a little wobbly but we are working on it
You are eating fruits, veggies and cereal and you love everything so far
Talks, babble’s spits., drools all day long

Happy 7 months baby girl Mila, we love you forever

happy 7 months mila

happy 7 months mila

happy 7 months mila

mommy and mila happy 7 months

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

giggle giggle sweet mila

all Emma has to do is look at you Mila and you laugh your heart out.  giggle giggle sweet Mila

backyard fun

so apparently Emma thinks littler sister Mila is a flower that needs some water.