Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween sweet little miss Mila

happy halloween to my favorite little pumpkin, yes that's right mommy still gets to choose your costume.  I know next year your probably wont allow me to choose so I did enjoy it this year.  You were the cutest little pumpkin around.  Emma decided that she wanted to dress up as princess Ariel.  We didn't go out trick or treating because your still to young, but you girls helped mommy give out the candy.  Mommy's little helpers.

happy halloween

little miss mila my pumpkin 

not a melt down just mila being silly, big sister emma as Ariel

little miss mila my pumpkin 

cutuest little pumpkin, my favorite princess 

happy halloween from mila

mila always being silly 
happy halloween my pumpkin 
Love You xoxoxo

Disney Frozen with Anna and Elsa

We had an amazing photo shoot with Anna and Elsa.  Although you girls didn't smile I think the pics turned out good.  Meredith, our photographer tried everything to get you girls to smile.  The princesses tried their best but nothing.  I am not sure if you girls were in shock or just shy.  

Here is video I put together with all the pics;  


Love You xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

happy 21 months mila

happy 21 months mila

21 months little miss mila is growing so fast

happy 21 months mila

Love you sweet baby girl