Thursday, January 17, 2013

our family

mila, you have entered this world and you already have a family full of siblings.  You have 2 older brothers, Joshua 16, Jace 10 and an older sister Emma 15 months.  You brothers and sister are ready to take on this journey of watching you grow. 

Joshua and Jace have a already mentioned ``another little sissy to love``, YEP you’re only 3 days old and you have a nick name` `little sissy``

Emma well, she is only 15 months but she is in awe with you, she stares at you and points as if you’re her little doll, she’s already tried climbing into your bassinet.

here are a few pics of you ready made family;

daddy and mila

daddy, mommy, Emma and Joshua

daddy, mila, mommy, Emma and Jace

mommy, mila and emma

you are well loved my precious angel


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