Tuesday, December 24, 2013

baby's first Christmas

baby's first Christmas it's the most wonderful thing!  We were very blessed to have celebrate it with grandma in Atlanta.  We arrived on the 19th of December and we will be staying till January 4.  We get to celebrate your very first Christmas, ring in 2014 and we get to celebrate grandmas birthday on the 3 of January.

Grandma decorated her place especially for you and Emma, here are the pics

Grandma also bought you your very first ornament, this is one of the most treasured ornaments on our tree along with your brothers and sister first ornament.  It's one that I look at with sweet memories every year when I pull it out of storage. 

On Christmas Eve we celebrated with the family at Cousin Georges house.  We met new family mebers, played secret Santa, ate lots of food.  The night was filled with lots of love and fun.

Christmas Morning  

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