Monday, October 14, 2013

happy 9 months mila

happy 9 months to my Mila pie

Another month had gone by and so much to share, you’re 9 months today the same amount of time you spent growing in my womb, you have now spent growing outside of it.  It remains unfathomable to me how so much time has passed so quickly.  You are so fun to be around! you are just so happy all of the time, always smiling, sucking in breath with excitement, and kissing everyone.  People seem to always be commenting on what a happy baby you are and I am thoroughly enjoying every single second that we spend together.  I feel like we are best friends now and you are my little buddy.

You nod your head and it's just the cutest! I don't think you know what it means, you just do it and start to laugh.  So cute! You have a fantastic sense of humor already.  You get when things are funny and crack up when big sissy Emma and I are acting silly.  You love when daddy acts silly and are always laughing.  When Joshua and Jace walk into the room you crack up and of course with their presence you start to laugh/giggle. 

Now that you are exploring everywhere, still only rolling around, or walking around in your walker you have started putting everything you can find in your mouth.  Even the tiniest things on the floor are somehow found by you and end up in your mouth.  You have become very outgoing in the recent weeks, always smiling, laughing.

Our favorite moments with you are when you are cuddly and kissy.  I love putting you to bed, you hold me with your hands cuddle my face and throw me a huge smile.

It is such a pleasure to be your parents and to watch you grow.  We love you more than you’ll ever know.

Love Momma

happy 9 months

happy 9 months

happy 9 months

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